Concrete core drilling is the process of making precise circular holes and openings in the concrete structure for a variety of applications. The process of concrete coring is required from time to time.

Sometimes it is the finishing work contractors that need to create openings in the concrete structure, sometimes it is the utility installation workers that need to create openings, and sometimes home improvement projects that need it. Even concrete coring is used to cut out the specimen from the existing concrete structure to perform strength testing.

If you are new to the process, this post will help you understand how concrete coring is performed, what its applications are, and how to choose the right concrete coring company.

How is Concrete Coring Performed?

Concrete coring is a process that requires professional expertise and the right tools. In this process, a concrete coring professional uses the concrete coring equipment for coring operations.

First of all, a concrete structure is inspected to map the subsurface elements. The process of concrete scanning with GPR is used for that purpose. After the scanning engineer has marked the location of core drilling, drilling technicians set up the drilling equipment to make the circular openings.

The choice of concrete coring equipment depends on the size of the core to be cut. You can cut concrete cores of any size and any depth depending on the features of the tool.

Coring operations produce the results which are removed by the professionals leaving behind a perfect, clean opening.

What are the applications of concrete coring?

The primary purpose of the concrete coring is to create holes and openings in concrete for utility installations. Here are the most common applications of concrete coring:

Creating openings through walls, slabs, columns for plumbing, electrical cables, HVAC, and fiber optic installations.

Take out a concrete sample for strength testing of the in-situ concrete.

Making openings for manholes or drilling water tanks.

Creating cores for foundation construction where high strength foundations are required

Things to Look for When Choosing A Core Drilling Company

1) Registered, Licensed, and Insured

First of all, make sure the concrete coring company you are choosing is registered, licensed, and insured. This will prove the skills and knowledge of the company and ensure you are not liable in case of accidents.

2) Experience

Check out the experience of the concrete company. Ask for how long has the company been in existence? Look for a company that has been in the business for at least three to five years.

3) Projects

Ask your concrete scanning and coring company about whether or not it can handle your project? Not all concrete scanning and coring services cater to commercial projects of all sizes. It will give you some idea about the potential of the company.

4) Client Retention Rate

Check out the client retention rate. It will give you a good idea about the quality of services. A high retention rate suggests good services.

5) Compare pricing

Receive quotes from multiple concrete scanning and core drilling companies. This will help you find the best value.