The Windsor Probe testing is designed to determine the concrete compressive strength of a structure. A probe is inserted into the concrete with a known amount of force. Windsor probe testing is one of the popular non-destructive ways and can be utilized with proper effectiveness on both fresh and mature concrete.

On both horizontal and vertical surfaces, accurate results are obtained but it is required that the probe should be perpendicular or at right angles to the test surface.


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Origin of the Windsor Probe Testing

The Windsor Probe test has its origin in the mid-1960s in a collaborative effort between the New York Port Authority and the Windsor Machine Company. This is a test of resistance based on the surface hardness of a concrete element. Once it is established, the hardness of the surface is opted to eliminate concrete strength.

The Objective of the Windsor Probe Testing

This testing measures the compressive strength of concrete properly. This all is done in the accurate and effective method on-site in the field by Windsor HP Probe System.


The Windsor Probe Testing has the following applications:

Structural analysis Form removal Lightweight concrete strength determination Standard concrete strength determination High strength concrete strength determination High precision determination

The Equipment Required to Carry Out Windsor Probe Testing:

Windsor probe system for concrete testing uses all the below-mentioned equipment:

loaded cartridges Powder-actuated gun or driver Hardened alloy steel probes A depth gauge for measuring the depth of probes

Manpower Requirement:

QAQC Engineer Lab Technician Site Engineer Site Engineer Supervisor Safety Officer

Features and Benefits of this Testing:

New electronic systems have enhanced the accuracy and efficiency

Measurement can be done up to 17000psi

No accidental discharge or recoil

A quick, convenient and economical procedure

Helps to determine the developing strength of concrete: works miraculously to improve safety, ensures quality.

Inspect the strength for rehabilitation as the concrete gets old.

What is the Procedure?

Firstly, you need to load the driver with a power load and probe which is suited for the type of concrete which has to be examined.

Then, you need to place the driver firmly on the actuating template and fire. After that, you will use a locating template to find out the probes at the corner of a triangle.

Testing Procedure Requirements of Windsor Probe Test

Concrete with Sufficient Degree of Resistance:

The concrete which is to be probed must reach a satisfactory degree of resistance to penetration. The probe should not be located less than 178 mm from any other probe, it should not be less than 102 mm from the edge of a concrete surface.

Reasonable Surface

The surface should be reasonably smooth. If a surface is rough then it should be stoned or ground over an area that is bigger than and is covered by a positioning device and measuring base plate to be used.

Overall, Windsor probe concrete testing is a convenient and economical option to determine the strength of concrete. If looking for a reliable provider then make sure to count on Concrete Insight, a platform with advanced options of concrete testing.