Anchors Pull Testing

Test Pull Out Strength of Anchor Installation With Anchor Pull Testing

Anchor pull testing is a method to test the pull-out strength of the anchor installations and industrial fixings. Testing the pull-out strength of industrial fixings is becoming an essential and legal part of health and safety in the construction industry. The main purpose of performing this test is to determine the reliability and load capacity of fixings including Anchor bolt, Scaffold Anchors, and Safety Lifeline Anchors. Utilizing anchor pull-out testing services, you can measure the performance of the anchor installations.

Why Concrete Insight for Anchor Pull Testing?

Concrete Insight uses the advanced Hydrajaws 2000 Deluxe Master plus for testing the pull-out strength of the industrial fixings. Our advanced testing equipment allows us to accurately measure the tensile strength of the industrial fixings.

Our anchor bolt pull-out test equipment can be used to determine the pull-out strength of:

  • Fixings and anchors
  • all industry-specific Scaffold fixings including ring bolts and drop-in anchors
  • any eyebolt and ringbolt

Interested in our anchor pull-out test services?

Hire our professional highly trained technicians for anchor pull-out testing. We have 25+ years of experience in on-field concrete testing. Get in touch with us.

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