Concrete core drilling is the process of creating circular holes and openings in concrete structures using core drilling equipment. It is a very basic process that is required in almost every construction project for creating openings for utility installations. It is considered as among the most effective ways to create holes and openings in concrete structures.

This blog post will give you a brief about the process of concrete core drilling, applications of concrete core drilling, and how to choose the right concrete core drilling company.

What is the Process of Concrete Core Drilling?

The process of concrete core drilling is basic as per the industry experts, but it needs the right concrete coring tools, extensive knowledge of concrete structures, and expertise to perform the coring operations safely.

  • 1. The process of concrete coring starts with the inspection of a concrete structure. A GPR is used for concrete scanning to locate the elements beneath the concrete surface.
  • 2. After scanning the concrete structure and marking the location of a drill, concrete core drilling equipment is set up to make a precise circular opening. The choice of the equipment and blade depends on the surface to be drilled.
  • 3. Once the equipment is set up, it is connected to the power source to create openings. The openings from 1″ to 60″ in diameter can be created depending on the capabilities and features of a core drilling equipment.

What Are the Applications of Concrete Core Drilling?

The applications of concrete core drilling include creating openings to accommodate a range of conveniences. Concrete coring can be used to create openings for installation of:

  • 1. Plumbing lines and fixtures
  • 2. Electric cables
  • 3. Fiber optic cables
  • 4. HVAC Ducts installation
  • 5. Manholes and more

Finishing work contractors partner with concrete coring companies to create openings for utility installation.

Inspect the Area before Drilling


How to Choose a Good Concrete Core Drilling Company?

Concrete core drilling is a process that requires advanced tools and trained staff to make precise circular openings safely. Apart from the basic licensing and certification requirements, here are a few key things that you need to consider to choose a good concrete core drilling company:


Check out the experience of your core drilling company. Find out for how long the company is in the industry, the projects the company has undertaken, and clients the core drilling company has worked for. Partner with an experienced company that has worked with reputable clients.


Reviews, ratings, and testimonials give you a fair idea about the quality of services of a core drilling company. Check out the reviews, ratings, and testimonials of a concrete core drilling company to find out what do clients have to say about it.

Speed and Support

Last but not least, make sure your concrete core drilling company offers you quick services and on-site expert engineering for satisfactory services. This will help you get a job done on time.

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