Concrete Coring

Make Precise Holes and Openings in Concrete with Core Drilling

Core drilling or concrete coring is the process of creating circular openings in the concrete structure using a core drilling system. The process is used in a variety of applications for creating precise holes and openings in concrete in a diverse range of fields, including plumbing, electrical, drainage, HVAC, and structural testing.

Utilizing professional concrete core drilling services, you can create precise openings through walls, slabs, and columns quickly in a cost-effective manner, ensuring the on-time completion of a project.

Why Concrete Insight for Core Drilling?

Concrete Insight uses advanced core bore coring systems for creating precise circular cores in the concrete structure. Our advanced drilling tool allows us to do the work quickly. We can do concrete coring/drilling from 1″ to 60″ in diameter for testing or running conduits through walls, slabs, and columns.

We can create openings for the following utility installation applications:

  • Plumbing
  • Electric cables
  • Fiber optic cables
  • HVAC
  • Manholes and more

Our team of talented concrete coring technicians have 25+ years of experience in core drilling.

Interested in our core drilling services?

Hire our professional concrete coring services to cut the cores of any size and depth.

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