Precision and safety are two main requirements of the construction world. While building a new home or renovating an old one, there might be unseen elements beneath the ground and within the concrete. If not appropriately detected, these unseen elements can turn a construction site into a disaster. This is where construction has concrete Scanning, coring, and strength testing devices. Concrete Scanning and core drilling Contractors are the only people who can ensure the safety of your workers and construction project. In this blog, let us focus on the needs of coring and scanning service companies and discuss their crucial role.  

holes and opening in concrete

What is the purpose of concrete coring services?

Clean cuts: Concrete coring helps in creating holes in the concrete surface. It can help us get the holes of the required diameter and depth without causing any damage to the surface (wall or floor) Minimum disruption: Unlike hammer and chisel, concrete coring is not a traditional method to make holes. Coring works on precision and accuracy. It doesn't cause any harm to the surrounding structure. Versatile holes: Not all holes required in construction are equal. Construction requires holes for plumbing, electrical wires, sewage, AC and heating systems, and so on. Concrete coring contractors can effectively create all types of holes without any issues. Efficiency: Concrete Scanning and core drilling Contractors or companies use electric coring devices to make holes and cuts in concrete. These machines are fast and efficient to work nonstop. The efficiency of these machines adds up to the speedy completion of the project, saving both time and money.  

The role of concrete Scanning in construction:

Concrete Scanning is an important step that comes before concrete coring. It involves the Scanning of concrete structures like an X-ray that scans the human body. While coring, there is a considerable risk of damaging hidden objects and utilities inside the concrete. Therefore, the scanning services are essential to eliminate the chance of hitting any hidden object in the concrete. Let us know more about the role of concrete Scanning: Scanning helps in avoiding costly mistakes: Once a coring device hits a hidden object (Rebar, wires, pipelines, and conduits), there are chances of damage to the structure, electrical wire, or water pipeline. When Concrete Scanning and core drilling Contractors use scanning devices to pre-locate the hidden utilities, it avoids costly mistakes and costly repairs. Ensuring safety: Beyond costly repairs, not scanning the concrete can cause harmful and severe injuries to the workers at the construction site. For example, if post-tension cables (used to enhance the strength of the slab) get hit by the coring device, it can lead to catastrophic consequences. Similarly, in the case of electrical wires, power outages may happen. Comprehensive detection of material: Concrete scanning services are not just used to detect utilities inside the concrete, but they can also scan underground utilities such as tunnels, water lines, and heating lines.

How did concrete scanning technology evolve?

The traditional method of Scanning involves the use of Xrays. This method is limited because it requires access to the concrete from both sides. So, it cannot scan surface that is not accessible from both sides, and X-rays emit harmful radiation that poses a severe risk to the life of workers. The need for better scanning equipment was at its highest when the GPR scanning method was discovered. Ground penetrating radar took whole construction, archaeology, and geology industries into the revolution. This method includes the use of electromagnetic waves that are safer and more accurate than X-rays. GPR doesn't locate the hidden objects in the ground or concrete itself therefore, a skilled technician is required to note down the time and intensity of reflected radiation and calculate the location and type of utilities. Concrete Scanning and core drilling Contractors need to perform their jobs with the highest attention and focus. Once GPR detection provides accurate and reliable results, the safest passage to coring and concrete cutting becomes open.

How dangerous can be skipping Concrete Scanning?

Concrete coring entirely depends on concrete Scanning; therefore, the dangers of skipping the prior are high. You would not want any unknown damage to your concrete wall or slab, right? Let us know what problems coring without Scanning can cause: Rebar damage: Concrete includes lots of rebar to maintain its shape and strength. In case a coring device cuts the rebar, the adjacent concrete might fall off, and new repairs might open up. Once the rebar is damaged, its repair will take time, material, and money and delay the project's completion. Post-tension and electrical cable damage: Hitting post-tension and electrical wires can be a severe disaster. It can put both the structure and lives of workers at risk. Risk of breaking water heating lines: Coring drills can also touch plumbing water pipes and damage them. In such case, whole new work of plumbing will be open for repair. Otherwise, concrete will start to leak and result in moisture-related problems. Dangers of hitting a void: One of the most dangerous consequences faced by Concrete Scanning and core drilling Contractors is bursting a void. But what is a void? When concrete is not poured correctly, air and water get trapped inside and create voids after the concrete is dry. Voids weaken the structure and pose serious risks to the stability of your home. In case a core drill touches the void, it can end in a blast and serious injuries to the driller. GPR scanning can detect not only the utilities but also the voids. This helpful application of Scanning is useful to know the strength of the structure and save workers from facing a hazardous situation.  

Conclusion: Concrete Scanning and core drilling Contractors play a significant role in the construction industry. In a world where safety and accuracy are the highest requirements, you must go for concrete Scanning, coring, and strength testing while building a home, hotel, office, or bridge. These tests help both the owner and builders from fraud and legal battles. If you are looking for a concrete scanning or coring company, you are at the right place. Concrete Insight provides concrete Scanning, coring, and delamination testing services. Visit our services and reach out to us today!