Concrete core drilling, or concrete coring, is the basic process of cutting precise circular cores into a concrete structure. It is a service that almost every construction project requires at some point. Whether it is required to make openings in slabs or walls for fittings or a contractor just needs to create a space for a manhole, concrete coring has a wide range of applications for various industries.


In this blog post, we will discuss what concrete coring is, how it works, what are its applications and why you should hire certified professional concrete coring services?

What is Concrete Coring?

Concrete coring is the process of making precise, circular cuts in existing concrete structures using concrete coring equipment, which consists of a diamond cutting tool used for coring operations. Concrete cores of any size and any depth can be cut depending on the capability of the tool used for the job. Concrete coring is fast, clean and safe method of producing consistent diameter holes in concrete, stone, asphalt, & masonry without causing impact or vibration damage to the surrounding structure.

How Does Concrete Coring Work?   

It is a very simple process where initially, the concrete structure is inspected and scanned by GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) to map the subsurface elements. Once the engineer in charge has marked the location where core drilling is required, a team of drilling technicians set up the drilling equipment to cut the cores.

Concrete coring equipment is heavy and should be handled by a team of trained technicians.  The slug produced as a result of the coring operation is removed, leaving behind a perfect, clean opening.



What are the Applications of Concrete Coring?

Concrete coring has a wide range of applications. Almost every renovation and new construction project inevitably requires the cutting concrete cores.  The most common applications are:


Contractors prefer concrete core drilling for existing structures that require plumbing, electrical, or HVAC installations.

Creating holes for plumbing sinks, floor drains sewer drain, storm drains, gas, and heating pipes.

Creating openings for electrical poke thru, feed wires, electrical pipes, and conduits.

Creating openings for mechanical HVAC ducts, pipes and condensate pump in concrete walls and slabs.

Opening for phone /cable/fiber optic.

Opening for handrail and anchor holes.

Used to take out a concrete sample from an existing structure for comprehensive strength testing of the concrete in a certified lab.

Used in utility construction operations, such as making openings for manholes or drilling water tanks.

Used for foundation construction where high strength structures are required.

Why Should You Hire Certified Professional Concrete Coring Companies?

The process of concrete coring is easy-to-understand but requires expertise, knowledge and the right tools to implement. Drilling a concrete structure in the wrong place may result in short circuits, damaged conduits and other fixtures, and accidentally cutting reinforced bars. This may put staff working on the project at risk. Therefore, it is recommended to hire a certified professional concrete coring company that knows how to safely drill a concrete structure.


Concrete Insight is a certified concrete core drilling company with 25 years’ experience in GPR concrete scanning , concrete coring and concrete testing. We manage coring operations of any size and any depth.