Concrete scanning, drilling and testing are some of the essential services in the construction industry that is required at some point. It can be a newly constructed building that needs some finishing work or an existing structure that needs immediate maintenance but finishing and maintenance contractors will need concrete scanning, drilling and testing services to complete the project. Therefore, it is important to know the features of a good concrete testing company that provides all these services.

1. Expertise

Top concrete scanning, drilling and testing companies have talented professional engineers and trained technicians to use the latest cutting-edge technology and equipment to provide high quality services. Not just that, all good concrete testing companies is licensed and insured. A valid license proves their expertise and a valid insurance policy ensures all staff is covered in case of accidents and you are not held liable.

2. Potential

Scalability is an important factor when looking for a concrete testing company. Leading testing companies strive to offer a complete solution for their clients so that projects can be completed on time and cost-effectively. Make sure your concrete testing company has a vast network of GPR and concrete-testing engineers that are capable of taking charge of any size of project and provide GPR concrete scanning, concrete core drilling and various other non-destructive concrete testing services to get the job done.

3. Customer satisfaction

Good concrete testing companies provide high quality customer services. For example, at Concrete Insight, we provide free on-site expert engineering advice on how to avoid concrete obstacles without sacrificing project architectural/structural requirements. We always aim to complete the work with precision the first time and guarantee the highest quality of service.

4. Pricing

Pricing is also a key factor; reliable concrete testing companies provide value for the fee they charge. Top concrete scanning companies may charge you a little extra than inexperienced businesses but it is justified due to their expert knowledge and exceptional customer service.

5. Returning Clients

Their client retention rate is an indication of how good a concrete testing company is. Check out previous client reviews and testimonials, and ask your concrete testing company about client retention rates and references. You will find a good concrete coring company in MD has a sound returning client base.

These are the five key features to consider when choosing a good concrete scanning, drilling and testing company.