Concrete core drilling is the process of making precise circular openings and holes in the concrete structure. A professional concrete core drilling company comes with the core drilling equipment to create the holes in walls, columns, and slabs. Concrete scanning is performed prior to the core drilling to identify the location of utilities. It requires a certain degree of accuracy, skills, and training to perform the core drilling operations right.

Here are the five questions tips that you need to ask to choose the right concrete core drilling company:

  1. Is the company certified, licensed, and insured?

This is the first thing you need to ensure. Partner with a certified, licensed, and insured company. A concrete coring company has to meet various standards and regulations and pass licensing exams to obtain a license. A valid license ensures that a company has the basic skills and tools to perform concrete coring operations. Valid insurance means the company has insured staff. You are protected against any claims in case of accidents.

  1. For how long has a company been in the industry?

Experience plays a crucial role when it comes to technical operations like concrete coring. Ask your company about industry experience and team. Prefer companies that have a minimum of 5 to 10 years of experience in concrete coring operations.

  1. What are the past projects a company has worked on?  

Not all professional concrete coring companies have the same capabilities. Go through the past projects the concrete coring company has worked on. It will give a great idea of the reputation, scalability, and capabilities of the concrete coring company. Well-established concrete coring companies are capable of taking charge of any size of project.

  1. Does the company provide good customer service?

This is a key quality of good concrete coring companies. They stand for customer satisfaction guarantee and back their work. Look for a concrete coring company in MD that values its clients and provides technical support and free on-site expert engineering advice.

  1. How much does a company charge for services?

It is a good idea to ask about the cost of concrete core drilling services. You can receive quotes from two to three companies to find out the standard price in the market. It is always recommended to choose a company that offers the best value.

Why Concrete Insight?

Concrete Insight is a professional concrete core drilling company that can create core from 1″ to 60″ in diameter for testing or running conduits through walls, slabs, and columns. We use advanced core bore coring systems for creating precise circular cores in the concrete structure. We have 25+ years of experience in concrete core drilling. Our staff is highly trained, licensed, insured, and bonded. We also provide services during weekends and after hours. Get in touch with Concrete Insight to know more.