Concrete core drilling is the process of making precise circular openings to the concrete structure. Most of the time, the purpose of concrete core drilling is to create space for utility installation. Both new and old structures require concrete core drilling. To obtain the best results and ensure safe concrete core drilling, there are many things one needs to keep in mind, such as the choice of the drilling tool, type of drill, placement of the drill, and so on.

Making the wrong choices may result in improper openings or even damages to the structure. There are a number of examples where people accidentally cut the rebars or cut the power line resulting in damages. That’s why people prefer hiring professional concrete core drilling companies for core operations.

Here are a few tips for safe concrete drilling: 

1. Choose the right drill

The very first thing you need to consider is the type of drill machine you need for core drilling. There are basically two types of drills: handheld drills and rig-mounted drills. Rig-mounted drills are used for heavy-duty drilling for diameter more than 3 inches, whereas, for drilling holes less than a 3-inch diameter, handheld drills work best.

2. Choose the right stand attachment

The rig is attached to the floor using an anchor, bolt, or vacuum seal. Choose the right stand attachment as per the surface. For a vertical or highly angled surface, using wall anchors work best. For a flat or slightly angled surface, you can use a vacuum stand.

3. Choose the right drill bit

The choice of a bit depends on the hardness of the material. Diamond-tipped bits are industry-standard for concrete core drills. For ultra-hard alumina, sapphire, precious stones, and materials with high metal content, metal bonded diamond drills are the best, whereas, for softer materials such as tile, soft stones, glass, and composites, nickel bonded electroplated diamond drills work the best.

4. Choose the right motor

There are three types of core drilling motors: air, electric, and hydraulic. Each has its own pros and cons. The choice of a motor depends on the type of power source available at your worksite and the nature of your typical work environment.

5. Perform concrete scanning before drilling

Concrete scanning is the process of inspecting concrete structures to locate the subsurface features. Perform concrete scanning before drilling to know the exact location of rebars and utilities.

Why Hire a Professional Concrete Core Drilling Company in DC?

Hiring a professional concrete core drilling company DC has numerous advantages. Professional coring companies have the experience, skills, knowledge, tools, and expertise to perfectly perform the concrete core drilling operations. Partnering with professionals helps you complete the project on time by quickly completing the concrete coring operations cost-effectively.

At Concrete Insight, we also do concrete coring for running conduits through walls, slabs, and columns. We can create holes from 1″ to 60″ in diameter. We use advanced core bore coring systems for creating precise circular cores in the concrete structure.