Building a home or any other structure includes cutting and coring of existing concrete slabs. The walls, floors, and roof are drilled and cut to create holes to pass electric cables, plumbing pipes, and drainages. But is it compulsory to use traditional methods to make the cores? Not necessarily! Most homeowners don’t know construction secrets that can make construction of their homes fast, safe, and accessible. The secret is hiring concrete coring, GPR Scanning, and strength testing services. In this blog, we are going to talk about the importance of scanning services and the reasons to hire them.

What is concrete scanning?

Concrete scanning is a method of concrete assessment that uses a GPR scanning device to send an electromagnetic signal into the concrete. This way, professionals find the location of hidden utilities inside the concrete. But again, why do we need to scan concrete?

Why do we scan ground and concrete?

Using the GPR scanning device, we can scan the ground and know what lies beneath to ensure a safe excavation. The presence of any tunnel or gas pipes can create a hazard. Preconstruction utility mapping is essential not just for safety but also for budget reasons. After constructing a structure or a home, electricians and plumbers will need to pass wires and pipes through the concrete. It is essential to locate the rebar and post-tension cable inside the concrete slab to avoid any mistakes and disasters. Improper concrete pouring creates voids and gaps inside the concrete. These voids are the weak spots and become the vulnerability of a concrete slab. Scanning can figure out their location and prevent slab damage. Also, in the case of home renovations, we never know what is located inside the concrete. GPR scanning can come in handy to identify hidden wires, rebar, complete water lines, etc.

How do you know if you need Ground Penetrating Radar Services?

Concrete scanning can be used to detect the position of steel, electrical conduits, gas pipes, water pipes, voids, leak detection, and more. If you are constructing a new home, trying to renovate an old one, or just want to create a map of utilities inside your home, you need Ground Penetrating Radar Services.

What is the need for GPR Professional Services?

Imagine a core driller touches rebar inside the concrete and cuts it while coring. What do you think will happen? Chances are that the whole slab will be destroyed. Let us think of another scenario where a core drilling worker hits a void. This case ends up in a blast, and the results are dangerous for workers and structures. Touching a post tension cable or electrical wires can cause snapping and power outages, so we need scanning services to avoid these dangers and ensure a safe working place. GPR scanner can locate the hazards and hidden objects in no time. It saves the time taken to finish a project and ensures timely completion. But the main part is GPR Professional Services saves money, but how? Cutting and coring without knowing the hidden items inside concrete can be disastrous and demand costly repairs.

How much does a company charge for a scanning project?

When it comes to the cost of scanning, every project is different. It mainly depends on the area to be scanned. If you are a homeowner who has a tiny home, the cost will be less, and if you need scanning services for an industrial building or a hotel, it will be relatively high. It is always said by professionals that scanning the concrete beforehand is much cheaper than paying for the costly repairs later on. How do you know the exact cost of scanning for your project? You can always contact us for a quote and know the price for your project. The bonus is that Concrete Insight provides a quote 24*7.

Is GPR Scanning safe?

If you are worried that passing radio waves through the concrete will harm your concrete, stay relaxed. Radio waves touch the human body every day and see we are just fine. Also, there is no harm caused to workers by reflected waves. The GPR scanning method is entirely safe, and it doesn’t affect the strength of your structure at all.

Why only professionals can detect the utilities?

GPR Professional Services uses basic principles of science. A well trained and experienced professional can use the device and locate the hidden objects. The scanning device doesn’t show the image of a remote object. It only sends the waves and notes the time and intensity of reflected waves. A professional need to carry out the calculation to tell what is the material of the hidden object. This is why a layman can’t do the scanning. It is only for the experts. Takeaway: This article explained all about concrete scanning services and their needs. If you are looking for GPR Scanning near you, Concrete Insight deals with reliable GPR scanning, coring, and testing services. Reach out to us to get a quote for your next construction project today! Concrete Scanning and GPR Services: Your Questions Answered: FAQ 1: What is the purpose of concrete scanning? Answer: Concrete scanning helps locate hidden utilities and potential hazards within concrete structures for safe construction and renovation. FAQ 2: Is GPR scanning safe for concrete and workers? Answer: Yes, GPR scanning is safe; it uses harmless radio waves and requires skilled professionals to detect hidden objects without impacting concrete strength or worker safety.