When it comes to construction, hiring services like concrete scanning and coring are super important. However, we need to consider various factors before choosing a service provider, and budget is one of them.

This is where some contractors and homeowners start looking for a Low-Cost Ground Penetrating Radar service provider. However, a question always exists: should we rent the GPR services or buy our GPR device? We wonder which of the two is the best choice for us. Let us read the post to know the answer. 

Don't know why you need to hire GPR Professional Services, Here's why:

Before starting a construction project, it is important to check what is beneath the ground and locate any irregularity. When all hidden utilities are marked before excavation, the project can be completed on time and within the budget. 


Imagine cutting concrete blindly during a renovation project; what will happen? The snapping of electric wires could cause complete power outages, hitting a plumbing pipe can cause water leaks and hitting a post tension cable or void can cause slab destruction or blasts. You don't want any of this to happen, right? Let us see how scanning can help us and whether to hire GPR Professional Services or rent your own GPR equipment.

Should you Rent the services or buy the equipment?

In short, the answer is no!

Unless you want to start a business to rent GPR devices or provide GPR services, there is no point in buying a GPR device. 

The reason is that anyone can buy a GPR device, but that doesn't necessarily mean they can locate sub-surface utilities. Also, a huge price gap exists between renting scanning equipment and buying. To know why an unexperienced person cannot obtain results using a GPR device, let us discuss how GPR works:

Working of GPR:

GPR Ground Penetrating Radar emits radio signals into the ground or concrete surface. The waves bounce back, and the device catches the signals through parabolic graphs. This reading is interpreted to determine the location and type of the object. 

Also, factors like moisture in the soil and wrong readings can affect the overall result. Therefore, only a professional can use GPR and get the right results from it. 

Types of GPR: 

Different kinds of GPR Ground Penetrating Radar devices are always available for different needs. GPRs used for military assistance and crime detection have different ranges from the GPR devices that are used for archaeological excavations and ground mapping. Similarly, Concrete scanning will be performed by a different GPR device.

Mostly, the device can vary in type, Size, and capacity of penetration. GPR can detect both metallic and nonmetallic pipes, but a handheld device will not be able to locate pipes that are more than 3 feet deep into the soil. Therefore, a big scanner with ideal depth penetration frequency will be required for this purpose. 

What is the cost of a GPR scanner?

The ground-penetrating device required for construction purposes costs around $15,000 to $100,000. The cost goes higher and higher with increasing frequencies, GPS mapping and user interface.

How does a GPR device look?

Does the basic GPR equipment work on a single frequency? (sometimes multiple). It consists of a wheel-based structure that can roll over the ground. It has a receiver, battery and antenna attached to it. the software installed in it helps the professional to control it through the tablet-like digital device that has a screen. Most of the GPR locators have GPS integration and allow access to multiple devices. 

From what we have read above about the GPR Ground Penetrating Radar, it is obvious that it is better to hire the GPR services rather than buy the equipment. (you can't deal with equipment without any experience)

How is renting the GPR services the best choice?

Coming to the main point, let us know why Renting GPR Professional Services is the best choice:

  • The cost of renting the GPR services is much less than that of the price of the equipment. The factors that affect the cost are the Size and depth of the location and the total time for which services are required. 
  • A professional is well equipped to calculate the difficult readings and interpret the right object type and its location. They have experienced different scenarios in their day-to-day life that help them meet new challenges. 
  • Hiring a professional concrete scanning expert ensures your construction project is in the right hands. You don't need to be worried about whether the readings are accurate or not. GPR service providers are known to locate utilities precisely.
  • If you need concrete coring, testing, and other services along with scanning services, the GPR services provider can provide you with those services from some of their trusted references. This way, you get all the abovementioned services from a single contractor and earn huge discounts from them.
  • All the above points ensure timely competition for your construction project. When you don't have to delay your project due to costly repairs, it gets completed on time.

How much does learning GPR handling cost?

In the end, if you are one of those people who still want to buy their own GPR Ground Penetrating Radar device and want to learn to use them, you will definitely need to join a certification. The basic course looks like eight hours of classroom teaching and 60 hours of training, whereas advanced courses can include 80 hours of training and 320 hours of field training. However, the fees for courses start from $1000. 


In this blog, we learned the difference between hiring a GPR Professional service or buying your own equipment. We also learnt how GPR works and why we need a professional to interpret the data given by the GPR screen. 

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