Have you heard of any disastrous story of a construction site? It’s scary, right? There are various risks in a construction site that may harm the people present on the site and the surrounding area. One such risky condition is being unaware of the subsurface condition of the site.

If there are undetected metals below the ground in your digging path, it may cause serious problems. Now, you must be wondering how to eliminate this problem from your construction site? So, concrete scanning with GPR can help you. Not only this, but it can also save you time and money. Scroll down, and go through this post to know more about Ground Penetrating Radar.

How does GPR Work?

Firstly, let’s understand how GPR works. Ground Penetrating Radar Scanning is a non-invasive and safe method. It helps assess the concrete structure without causing any damage to the structure. The high-frequency radio waves emit electromagnetic energy into the ground and detect the objects that may cause obstacles in construction or repair. It can accurately detect the following things –

  • 1. Metal
  • 2. Plastic
  • 3. PVC
  • 3. Concrete
  • 5. Natural materials

A professional can analyze the essential information that GPR scanning generates and then plan things accordingly. For concrete structures, GPR can travel to the depth of 3 feet, and it may vary according to ground material.

Benefits of GPR: Save Time and Money

  • 1. GPR is a non-invasive method which means it does not cause any harm to the concrete structure. So, it saves the cost of demolishing, digging, and repairing the structure. Also, it is a challenging task to locate older or buried infrastructure. But, using GPR technology is an affordable way to locate the utilities and ensure that the site is safe.
  • 2. Every construction project has a time limit or deadline and a set budget. But, when we don’t know what’s below the ground surface and start digging it, unknowingly, we may cause a heavy loss of both time and money. Digging into a pipe or power line will waste the time of people and add extra workload. GPR helps to locate rebar, conduits, and post-tension cables accurately and efficiently, contributing to running the project smoothly.
  • 3. The utilities below the ground may also cause harm to the expensive equipment and the construction material present on the site. GPR prevents such risks. So, it is essential to invest in GPR scanning before the construction starts and save time, money and reduce the hazardous risks.

The Bottom Line

So, if you want your next construction job to run smoothly, rely on GPR concrete scanning services. It will help you complete your task within the set budget and deadline. Also, it will ensure the safety of people working on the site.

You can reach out to Concrete Scanning for GPR scanning services. Our professional engineers use the latest techniques and assure to deliver quick and accurate results.