Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) scanning has become the preferred method of concrete scanning in the past few years, and it is not very hard to understand why it is so; you can inspect the concrete structure without destroying it, you get the immediate results, and the method does the same thing at less price than other concrete scanning methods.


GPR Scanning is an amazing method. In this blog post, we will look at how GPR scanning can provide safety, efficiency, and revenue benefits to contractors.


The most common use of GPR scanning is in locating utilities. Finishing work and structural maintenance contractors hire GPR scanning engineers to locate what is beneath the surface of the concrete structure. This helps prevent accidentally cutting the conduits beneath the surface and damaging the rebars and PT cables.

There are many instances when accidentally cutting the electrical conduits result in electrocution of the workers, power outages, and costly damages. Similarly, accidentally cutting the rebars may put the structure’s integrity at risk and result in accidents at the site. GPR scanning eliminates the risks of such costly mistakes. Not just that, this method also eliminates the health risks as it uses electromagnetic waves, which do not pose health risks to the staff and people at the facility.



GPR scanning is an accurate and quick method to accurately inspect the concrete structure, measure slab thickness, and locate rebars, PT cables, conduits, & voids. All it requires to inspect a concrete structure is Ground Penetrating Radar. There is no need to spend hours setting up films on both sides of the concrete structure as in the case of X-ray scanning, nor it requires halting the operations at the site. It is a fast and efficient method that can quickly scan an area without any significant requirements of the prior setup.


Concrete Scanning with GPR is a cost-effective method to inspect concrete structures because of the technology it uses to inspect concrete structures. A transmitter is used to send the electromagnetic waves to the structure, which are reflected back when they hit utilities. GPR scanning engineers interpret the images to map the utilities. This method does not require any additional process that makes it inexpensive. This helps finishing work contractors perform the scanning economically and enjoy high revenue.

Partner With a Professional Concrete Scanning Company

The efficacy of GPR scanning depends on the technology of the GPR and the interpretation skills of the engineer. Therefore, it is very important that you partner with a professional concrete scanning company to receive the maximum benefits.


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