Concrete core drilling is defined as a high production method of drilling in concrete, stone, asphalt, or masonry structures. It is a quick, safe, quiet, precise, and convenient method of drilling concrete structures and is required in almost every new construction for creating holes and openings in walls, slabs, and columns.

Now the thing is, how much does it cost to drill or create a hole in a concrete structure. The answer to this is that it depends from project to project and various factors. But just to give you a quick rough idea, a concrete core drilling services company charges for two basic things: setting up a core drilling equipment at the site and charges for drilling holes per hole.

The best way to get an estimated idea of the cost of a project is to receive quotes from your core drilling contractor. We, at Concrete Insight, also offer free quotes for concrete core drilling services to our clients.

What Are the Factors that Determine the Cost of Concrete Core drilling?

The process of concrete core drilling requires core drilling equipment, power supply, water supply, access to the walls, slabs, and columns to be drilled, and means of transporting the removed concrete to the disposal center. These are the constants that every concrete core drilling projects involve, but factors like the requirement for ground penetrating radar, non-availability of power and/or water supply to the site, and requirements of additional staff for cleaning may drive up the cost of concrete core drilling.

Here is a brief explanation of the major factors that increases the cost of concrete core drilling:

Inspect the Area before Drilling

Requirement of GPR scanning

GPR scanning is used to inspect the concrete structure to locate rebars, post-tension cables, and various utility lines. If you are working on an existing structure, it becomes almost mandatory to inspect the concrete structure to avoid accidents. The requirements of additional services drive the cost of concrete core drilling.

Location and size of holes

The cost of drilling a hole varies as per the location and size of the holes. Locations that are not easily accessible or at high heights and not easy to set up the core drilling equipment require additional tools and labor, which increase the cost of services. Also, with the increase in the size of holes to be drilled, the cost increases. Advanced concrete core drilling equipment can create holes up to 60″ in diameter. At Concrete Insight, we do concrete coring/drilling from 1″ to 60″ in diameter for testing or running conduits through walls, slabs, and columns.

Presence of heavy rebars or hard materials

The choice of blades of core drilling equipment depends on the material to be drilled. Blades made of industrial-grade diamond are used to cut concrete and rebars. If heavy rebars or other hard materials are present in the concrete structure, it may drive the cost of the drilling due to special blade requirements.

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