Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Ground Penetrating Radar is a real-time non-destructive means to accurately inspect concrete and structures, measure slab thickness, and locates rebars, PT cables, conduits, and voids. Utilizing GPR technology can minimize the risk of damaging PT cables or electric wires during the drilling process. Depending on GPR scanning before coring will improve safety environments, help avoiding costs associated with the repair, lost-time, injuries, and related expenses.

Concrete Coring

It is the process of making precise circular cuts in concrete to make smooth openings for a variety of applications. Capable of Drilling almost any diameter for any depth.

Windsor Probe ASTM C-803

The Windsor Probe system is a non- destructive rapid and accurate means to determine the concrete compressive strength of a structure by driving a probe into the concrete with a known amount of force. Improved and enhanced over thirty years, this modern system is capable of measuring concrete with a maximum compressive strength of 17,000 PSI.

Anchors Pull Testing

Testing the pull-out strength of industrial fixings is becoming an essential and legal part of health and safety in the construction industry. The main purpose of performing this test is to determine the reliability and load capacity of fixings including Anchor bolt, Scaffold Anchors, and Safety Lifeline Anchors.

Delamination in concrete by sounding ASTM D-4580

With the use of rotary percussion tool, we can verify areas of delamination.

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