Can we use GPR Scanning to detect defects in concrete?

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Concrete is the base material in most of the construction projects. Builders and homeowners need to ensure concrete material is free from any defects post-construction. Ground penetrating radar scanning is an effective way to scan the concrete and locate hidden utilities within. Let us take a look at how GPR Scanning can help in concrete testing.

Delamination: Delamination means the failure of concrete into the layers or two or more sections. Best GPR services can help detect the extent of concrete delamination.

Void detection: During construction, sometimes air gets trapped inside the concrete mixture. This air leads to void creation and makes a slab weak. Concrete scanning helps to detect voids and test the stability of a wall or slab.

Corrosion testing: Corrosion is inevitable when steel, water, and air meet. But GPR scanning is a smart tool that helps test the extent of corrosion in rebars in a non-invasive way.

Rebar placement: GPR helps locate rebar, electrical wires, and plumbing pipes inside the concrete. It helps to save coring accidents and tells a lot about the structural stability of a slab. Utility mapping helps to confirm that all utilities are placed in their place.

GPR is the best way to detect defects and locate utilities inside the concrete; if you are starting a renovation or construction project, you are going to need various concrete services.

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