Can you DIY utility locating and GPR Concrete Scanning?


Many homeowners are interested in DIY projects, but GPR Concrete Scanning is not one of them. Let us find out why.

How does GPR work?

A GPR device sends radio waves to the ground or concrete. Upon meeting, hidden utilities like rebar, cables, pipe, and antenna receive the reflected signal back. Professional interprets the data like time, frequency, and strength to locate a utility.

All GPR devices are not made equal

GPR devices differ from each other in size and frequency. You need expertise to use the right one for a mapping or coring task.

Your GPR is as good as the hands in it

If you don’t know how to scan, your equipment is no good. Only a professional can perform complex calculations and use the device best.

Why do people hire concrete scanning services?

Ground penetrating radar services provide quick and reliable location of hidden utilities while renovating the home or mapping the ground before or after construction.

Why Concrete Insight?

We are a trustworthy service provider and provide reliable and precise GPR concrete scanning and coring services. To get a quote, reach out to us today!

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