Concrete coring is the process of creating holes and openings in the concrete walls, floors, and roof. Let us know why a professional is essential to perform this process.

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What is the purpose of making holes in concrete?

Often, a construction project requires passing cables and pipes from one side of concrete to the other. Coring helps to create precise holes for purposes like HVAC, electric and plumbing systems, etc.

Why a professional core driller is required?

Concrete coring requires heavy coring equipment. It is not a child’s play. A professional with experience is needed to control the equipment and deliver precise holes.

Can you do it on your own?

No, unless you have relevant experience, you should perform concrete cutting and coring.

What are the dangers linked to DIY concrete coring?

DIY coring is not for beginners; you might create irreparable damage and even get injured due to the heavy weight, sound, and vibrations of the cutting and coring device.

Now that you know coring requires experience and professional knowledge, get in touch with us. We are Concrete Insight, and we have 25+ years of experience in providing concrete scanning, coring, and testing services. To know more reach out to us now!

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