Is the Windsor probe system for concrete testing a reliable method?


Concrete is a major construction material in our homes, shops, and pretty much everything we see around us. Not all concrete buildings are created equal. Therefore, contractors use different concrete testing methods. Let us know today about the Windsor probe testing method.

What is Windsor probe testing used for?

Concrete strength varies because of mixing methods, water composition and weather. Windsor probe helps to assess the compressive strength of concrete buildings.

How is the test conducted?

The test involves firing a probe into the wall or floor through a Windsor probe device. The penetration depth helps the testing professional to evaluate the concrete quality and strength.

Is the probe test reliable?

Yes, the test is a reliable concrete testing method that is acceptable when performed by keeping all testing rules and regulations in mind.

Nondestructive nature of test

The test doesn’t require any physical concrete removal or lab testing. Small holes made by a probe can be easily repaired.

Who can conduct this test for you?

Any service provider can conduct concrete testing, but Concrete Insight is the best. We are licensed, insured and experienced. Get a quote from us today!

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