Learning All About Concrete GPR Scanning In DC



GPR scanning is a method to locate utilities that are underground and inside the concrete. It is essential to perform it before beginning a fresh or renovation project. Let us know more about it.

Working of GPR concrete scanning equipment

GPR concrete scanning equipment uses electromagnetic pulses to the concrete slab or ground. These pulses bounce off the ground and reach back to the receiving antenna. A professional calculates time taken by pulses to travel back and intensity of the frequency returned to know the material type its and right location.

How long does a GPR scan take?

The time taken by GPR to scan a slab is directly proportional to the area, material quality, and other hindrances. Therefore, it might take from minutes to hours to finish a scan.

How deep can GPR see through concrete?

In the case of GPR concrete scanning, the device can see up to a depth of 18-24”, Whereas the range can differ when you are working on soil or sand.

What does GPR detect?

GPR is an amazing tool that can scan metal and other non-metal objects like plastic. It can also locate irregularities like voids and even measure the slab thickness.

Why Concrete Insight?

Concrete Insight is a concrete scanning, coring, and testing company. We provide GPR concrete scanning services at an affordable price. Hire our professional and experienced team today!

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