Amazing things GPR Concrete Scanning can discover

Concrete Scanning is a common practice that helps professionals mark the right spots to create holes in concrete. Apart from rebar, a GPR concrete scanner can scan various things, so let us know about them next.

GPR scanner and ground utilities:

Imagine constructing a home on unstable ground. Wouldn’t it be a blunder? However, GPR scanning devices can scan underground utilities and help spot gas pipelines, tunnels, trenches and other potential hazards.

Scanning in Renovation projects:

Blind cutting and coring of concrete will cause the snapping of post-tension cables electrical cables, which can lead to complete power outages. Therefore, using GPR concrete scanning is a must in renovation projects.

Hazards and dangers:

A GPR scanner can detect dangerous voids inside the concrete that weaken the structure and reduce its lifetime. It also helps to detect hazardous material embedded in the ground or concrete.

Concrete testing:

We can also use a concrete scanning device to test corrosion inside the concrete. Also, it helps to measure the slab thickness.

If you want to know what lies beneath your home, you must hire GPR concrete scanning services. Concrete Insight is there to provide concrete scanning, coring and testing services; hire us today!


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