What are the top Non-Destructive Concrete Testing Methods?

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A construction process is incomplete without concrete testing and its results. Concrete Insight provides various concrete services. Today, we are going to discuss our strength testing services and more.



Unveiling beyond ground and concrete

We help you scan your concrete and ground with a GPR device. This real-time and non-destructive test can locate hidden rebar, voids, post-tension cables, electric wires, and water pipes. This concrete testing is most important before concrete coring.

Windsor probe test ASTM C-803

This non-destructive test is performed to measure the compressive strength of a building. Windsor probe test includes penetrating a probe with a known amount of force into the concrete wall with the help of a device. The end results can give a client peace of mind and ensure safe living in a building.

Anchors pull testing

Anchors and bolts are installed inside the concrete. Anchors Pull Testing is performed to ensure that the load capacity of the safety line anchor is what the manufacturer has claimed. The allowable load anchor test is non-destructive, but the failure point anchor test is

Delamination testing ASTM D-4580

We use a rotary percussion tool to find delamination in the areas. This concrete test allows you to understand concrete scaling and opens the need for repair on time.

Ensuring reliability and accuracy

Concrete Insight has been in the market for more than 25 years. Pour professional team has the experience and skills it takes to test your structural integrity. Reach out to us to get a quote today!

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