What is concrete coring?

Have you ever thought about how big the holes are for installing HVAC and plumbing? It is made through the process of concrete coring, where concrete coring equipment is used to remove cylindrical sections of concrete from walls.


How does concrete coring work?

A diamond core drill is used to cut through the concrete. The bits rotate fast on the concrete surface to cut holes and openings of the perfect size without damaging the surrounding area.

When is the use of Concrete Coring?

– Concrete coring is used in construction, mining, excavations, and more. – It also helps in the installation of heavy equipment in industries. – Concrete coring is also used to extract samples for lab testing.

Advantages of concrete coring service?

You can benefit by hiring concrete coring services in the following ways: – You get holes and openings of the right size and shape. – The project will be completed faster because the drill works fast

What are the Safety Concerns with concrete coring?

Coring gives better results when done by experienced and trained professionals. Coring gone wrong has health concerns like respiratory diseases or accidents that can take life.

Why Concrete Insight?

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