What Is Concrete Scanning, And Why Do You Need It?

In the world of construction, accuracy, and reliability is of utmost importance. Concrete Scanning is a revolutionary technology that offers a complete scan of what lies beneath the concrete. This helps with the cutting, coring, and testing of concrete. Let us know more about it.

What Is The Methodology Of Concrete Scanning?

Scanning of concrete is done using a GPR scanning device. It is a non-destructive method where electromagnetic waves are sent to the concrete to detect post-tension cables, rebar, wires, and conduits.

Application area of GPR scanning:

Scanning is helpful in various industries like mining, agriculture, construction, and crime detection, etc.

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The quest for safety in construction:

Scanning has a wide scope in the construction industry. It helps to pre-locate the entities hidden in the concrete and prevent life-threatening accidents.

Concrete scanning services save a lot of time and money. It helps in avoiding costly repairs and thus ensures timely completion of the project.

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