What is core drilling?


The process of cutting a cylindrical material using coring equipment from a metal, concrete, ice, or stone surface to leave a hole behind is called core drilling.


What is core drilling in construction?

There can’t be a construction project that doesn’t require creating holes in concrete at least once. Concrete core drilling helps to create holes and openings in concrete for various uses.

How does core drilling work?

The tip of the core drill has sharp teeth that help to drill through the surfaces. These teeth are coated with industrial diamond to help grinding go smoothly.

What are the types of coring?

There are two types of coring: – Dry coring – Wet coring

How can core drilling help with your construction project?

Coring is efficient for many things. In construction, it helps to create holes for the Sprinkler system, pipework, phone and electrical lines, and HVAC installations.

Where do you get the best concrete coring services?

While concrete core drilling and scanning services are widely available, Concrete Insight promises accuracy, precision, and complete customer satisfaction. Visit our website and get a quote today!

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