What is the need to carry out anchor bolt pull out testing?

In a healthy construction, it is essential to know the tensile strength of anchors. When we know the structural strength of anchors or base material, we verify the quality.

Here comes the anchor bolt pull out test equipment that allows us to solve many load-checking issues. Let us read about why we need this test.

To determine the load capacity:

If we do not know the load capacity of the rebar and anchors or base material, we can know it by anchor pull our test.

To know the suitable anchors for your building:

Another reason to perform the anchor bolt pull test is to determine whether the anchor used suits the construction

To know the design quality:

It also keeps us sure about the quality and load resistance of a design.

Check the safety:

Lastly, the anchor bolt pull test can help us determine the safety of fastening systems and post-installed rebar after installation.

At the end, we can say that anchor bolt pull out equipment is a problem solver. But where to find a company that provides reliable and accurate pull out services? It is easy to search online and find the contractors near you.

However, Concrete Insight is an excellent concrete service provider, and we provide services in concrete scanning, coring, and testing. To know more, hire us today!

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