Why do we need concrete anchors pull-out strength testing?


After the concrete has settled, we need to check its compressive strength and durability. For that, we conduct concrete anchor pull-out strength tests. We should even conduct this test before mounting a TV, fan, or heavy industrial equipment to the concrete roof, walls, or floors.

What are concrete anchors?

Anchors are the fasteners that are used to secure the objects to concrete and other surfaces. They provide structural support and distribute the design weight to avoid concrete cracking.

What is a pull-out test?

A pull-out test measures the force required to pull out an anchor cast into the concrete. The test is conducted by attaching the anchor bolt pull-out test equipment to the anchor and applying force until its load-bearing capacity is confirmed.

Here are the two types of the concrete anchor's pull-out strength test

  Allowable load testing: This test is conducted to check if the anchor can endure the weight mentioned by the manufacturer.   Failure point testing: In this test we don't know what is the load bearing capacity of anchor therefore, we subject the force in anchor till its failure.

The test is non-destructive in nature

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