Windsor Probe Test: Non-Destructive Concrete Strength

Concrete Insight


The Windsor probe test is a standard method for testing concrete strength, as defined by ASTM C803.  The Windsor probe test is non-destructive, meaning that no material is removed from the concrete during the test.  It is a simple and quick test that can be used to assess the strength of concrete in place, without the need to remove any material.

How the test works

The test is performed by driving a hardened steel probe into the concrete surface. The depth of penetration of the probe is measured, and this measurement is used to calculate the concrete's compressive strength.

Advantages of the Windsor probe test

The Windsor probe test is a reliable and accurate method for measuring concrete strength.  It is also a cost-effective option, as it does not require the removal of any material.


The Windsor probe test is a valuable tool for assessing the strength of concrete. If you need to test the strength of concrete in place, the Windsor probe test is a good option to consider.

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