Concrete scanning and concrete coring are two operations required from time to time on building projects. Whether it is new construction or an existing building, at some point you may need concrete coring and concrete scanning. This is a professional task that does not fall under the DIY category.


We are not talking about laymen; we are here talking about technical staff from related industries, such as electricians, plumbers and installation guys. Even they do not try to undertake concrete coring and concrete scanning jobs on their own.

The reasons are simple: first, these operations require specialized tools and second, special training to perform the operations correctly on site. There are endless photos you can find on the internet depicting the hazards of unprofessional drilling operations.

Here are the four key Advantages of Hiring Professionals for Concrete Scanning and Coring

Accurate results

It is not easy to accurately locate the features beneath the surface of concrete to enable the process of making precise circular holes and openings in the concrete.  You need to have the right skills and the right tools to do so. The professionals have gone through extensive training to accurately map the surface and perform precise coring operations, achieving the desired results first time.


The next major advantage of hiring a professional company for undertaking drilling operations is safety. As a contractor, you already know how much safety matters in the labor world. If an unexpected event occurs at the site due to your negligence, your labor can sue you and it is not difficult when it comes to operations like concrete coring. For example, accidentally cutting the power conduit may result in electrocution, or drilling the structure at the wrong place may result in a collapse.


Working with professional coring companies ensures your coring operations are performed properly. Not just that, accidental damages are a costly endeavor to repair. Power outages, structural collapses and damaged plumbing installations cost a fortune.


Professionals have the skills to get the job done quickly. If you need concrete scanning and/or concrete drilling for structural maintenance operations, you need someone who can quickly inspect the concrete structure and perform the necessary drilling operations; halting business operations for a long period of time is not an option.

At Concrete Insight, we understand the value of time and the impact of halting operations at your business facilities. We provide safe, efficient concrete scanning and concrete core drilling services State-wide that help you perform your maintenance jobs in the least possible time.


Last but not least, hiring a licensed concrete coring company ensures your core drilling and concrete scanning operations are documented properly so you do not have to face any legal implications. Professionals obtain the necessary permissions and permits for performing drilling operations and ensure you meet all legal obligations.

These are the key reasons why it is a good idea to hire professionals for concrete scanning and coring.