Concrete scanning is the process of inspecting concrete structures to determine what is beneath the concrete structure. The process is generally used before performing core drilling operations to concrete structures to ensure safety, and that is where its benefits emerge. However, sometimes concrete scanning is also used for the concrete assessment which includes locating the voids, determining what’s in the concrete structure, and gauging the concrete thickness, the rebar content, and spacing & elevation of rebars within the slab.  

The standard method used in the industry for concrete scanning is GPR scanning. It is a non-destructive method to accurately inspect concrete structures, measure slab thickness, and locate rebars, PT cables, conduits, and voids. Here is the main benefit of concrete scanning:

1. Ensure Staff Safety 

The main reason why most finishing work and construction contractors use concrete scanning is to ensure the safety of the staff. Accidentally cutting the electrical conduits may result in electrocution or making holes at the weak spots in the concrete structure may result in the collapse. With concrete scanning you can ensure the safety of your staff by accurately locating the utilities, locating the embedded bars, and inspecting empty spaces in the structure.

2. Eliminate the Risks of Damages 

GPR scanning can be used to accurately detect metal, plastic, PVC, fiber cables, natural materials, air pockets, or voids. It can accurately locate the embedded utilities such as electrical conduits, plumbing fixtures, and fiber optic installation. This helps eliminate the risk of accidentally cutting the embedded utilities.  

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3. Prevent Delays

Concrete scanning help prevents unnecessary delays. There are many examples when accidentally damaging the utility results in halting the operations. These delays can turn very costly especially when you are working on a site that is functional. For example, accidentally cutting the electrical conduits may result in electrocution, power outages, unnecessary delays, and costly damages. Accurate detection of embedded utilities helps eliminate those risks.

4. Inspect Structure

GPR scanning helps you ensure structural integrity by providing a thorough concrete assessment. It helps structural maintenance engineers gain critical information such as thickness and location of bars, reinforced bar content, and air gaps to help them understand the makeup of the concrete. Based on the crucial information, structural engineers suggest measures to improve the structural stability of the concrete structure.  

5. Save Time and Money

Concrete scanning is a quick, safe, accurate, and affordable way to inspect concrete structures. You can quickly mark the location to drill, make the openings and complete the job quickly on time. Concrete Scanning with GPR is a safe and fast method that does not require restricting the site for scanning and off-site preparation of films that helps you save time and money.

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