Do you know what the best option is to look for conduit and rebar inside the concrete slabs? Well, if you are looking for a safe, budget-friendly, effective, and accurate technology, then GPR concrete scanning is unbeatable. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a non-invasive and safe method that helps inspect the concrete and structures without causing any damage. Here we have listed a few reasons that prove GPR is helpful to assess concrete structures.  
  1. Accurate Results – When you start drilling without proper concrete scanning, the chances of errors increases. GPR concrete scanning ensures accurate results so that things are done correctly in the first time onlyIt helps to inspect the concrete structures and mark the location of rebar, post-tension cables, and conduits in the concrete structure before drilling, cutting, coring, or digging.
  2. Ensure Safety at Site – A construction site is dangerous and people are always advised to take proper safety measures on the site. But, random concrete cutting can result in an unfortunate happening. If you want to ensure the safety of people working on the site use GPR for concrete scanning before the drilling or cutting to ensure adequate safety.
  3. Protection of Equipment – The utilities present inside the ground or concrete structure are harmful to drilling equipment. Various types of expensive equipment are used in a construction project for cutting or drilling concrete. When they get damaged, it results in delay as well as increased cost. Using GPR technology for concrete scanning ensures the protection of the equipment.
  4. Timely Completion of Project – Completing a construction project on time is essential to deliver the work to the client on time and to save extra expenses. GPR helps in saving a lot of time which otherwise gets wasted in guessing the subsurface objects. People often call for GPR concrete scanning services in Virginia after an object is hit. But, it is of no use as it causes a delay in the project. A lot of time is lost in performing repairs and fixing the damages.
  5. Save Costs – Guessing what is inside the concrete can result in nasty surprises such as the increased cost. When a project gets delayed, it is not only about the time. It also increases the cost of the project. However, using GPR for scanning means you get a clear picture of the proposed core, cut, and trench area. It ultimately helps to save the overall expenditure of the project.
  So, now you must have understood the various perks of GPR technology for concrete scanning. Identifying the metal targets and electrical lines before cutting into concrete is essential. So, make sure to hire a reliable professional concrete scanning company for your construction site to ensure top-quality services.   You can rely on expert technicians and professional engineers of Concrete Insight for safe concrete GPR scanning in DC. With 25+ years of experience, we are capable of taking charge of any size of the project. Get a quote now!