The rigidity and durability of concrete make it one of the most popular building materials in the construction industry. But cutting, coring and drilling concrete structures are also an important part of renovation and construction projects. So, is it easy and safe to repair, replace or alter concrete structures? Well, if you don’t know what’s inside the concrete structure, then it may be dangerous.

Hiring concrete scanning services can help you to get an inside look and plan accordingly. In this post, we will share more about concrete scanning, its importance and its applications. So, read on to know why concrete scanning is useful in the construction industry.

Understanding Concrete Scanning

Technology has made our lives easier. Like an X-ray of the human body, it is now possible to get an inside look at large concrete slabs. Concrete scanning can be explained as a non-invasive method to scan concrete slabs, walls, tunnels, columns and other structures. It helps to know if there is anything, like a live wire, pipes, post-tension cables, utilities or other embedded objects, in concrete structures.

Now, let’s understand how it works. Trained technicians use a concrete scanner to send electromagnetic waves at high frequency into the concrete structure. Professionals interpret the information that the scanner sends back to know what is hidden inside the structure.

Benefits of Concrete Scanning 

Safety of People and Projects

Construction sites need special safety measures for the protection of people working there and the surroundings. Concrete coring without knowing what’s inside it may result in serious injuries. Interruption in utility services or hitting live conduit results in electrocution. Such things are dangerous for the people working on the site and the project itself. To ensure the safety of the worksite, invest in concrete scanning.

Maintains Structural Integrity

If you hit any sensitive place (like slicing through a rebar), may impact the integrity of the structure. It makes the construction site dangerous for people and the site unsafe. Along with it, it can also damage equipment, causing delays and extra expenses on the project.

Save Time and Money 

Almost every construction project has a fixed deadline. If it is extended for any reason, it may add up to the expenses affecting the budget. Some of the risks associated with not using concrete scanning are delays of hours or days, damaged equipment, penalties and loss of business because of carelessness. So, consider investing in concrete scanning to save time, ensure safety and avoid extra expense.

Hire Professionals for Concrete Scanning

It is important to hire reliable services for concrete scanning. So, if you are looking for concrete scanning services in VA, MD or DC, Concrete Insight is the name to count on. We use GSSI Structure Scan Pro SIR400 that helps provide quick, accurate results. Our technicians are highly skilled in identifying the location of utilities present in concrete structures so contact us to get a quote!