Delamination in concrete is one of the most common problems contractors face. The delamination in the concrete is defined as the detachment of a thin (typically from 3mm to 6 mm in thickness) surface layer from the rest of the slab. The major reason behind the delamination of the concrete is the timing of the final trowel finishing operations.

Why does delamination occur?

The ideal notion says that the final troweling operations should start only after the initial setting of the concrete. It is because if troweling is undertaken prematurely, it can result in bleeding water or air trapped underneath the densified surface layer, forming blisters that may delaminate under subsequent surface loading. In order to avoid the delamination of the concrete surface, delamination testing of the concrete is performed.

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How to check the delamination in the concrete?

The standard procedure and equipment used to detect delamination are described in ASTM D 4580. Sounding is used for the delamination of the concrete. In this method, delamination is identified using sounding equipment. You will hear a drummy sound or loud clack rather than the clear ringing sound in the areas which are subjected to the bleeding.

Delamination identification helps to avoid the separation of the top layer of the skin when a concrete surface is in use. It can be performed on horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces.

Do I need a professional concrete testing company for delamination identification?

Yes, it is a good idea to hire a professional on-site concrete testing company. Professionals will come with the right equipment to identify the delamination in the concrete. They have years of experience in concrete inspection. Based on the test, a professional engineer can provide you with on-site engineering devices on how to handle the problem.

Where to find a good company for delamination testing of concrete?

You can search online for concrete delamination testing companies. There are many licensed, bonded, and insured companies that provide you with delamination testing services. At Concrete Insight, we use the standard operating procedure Sounding ASTM D-4580 for delamination identification of the concrete.

If there is delamination in the concrete, we will help you find the area of delamination. You can perform the necessary repair work before putting the surface into use. This ensures the safety of the operations when the concrete surface is in use.

Why choose Concrete Insight for delamination testing of concrete?

Concrete is a leading concrete testing, coring, and scanning company. We use non-destructive testing techniques to help you with your concrete inspection. We use the rotary percussion tool to verify areas of delamination. Our team of experienced concrete delamination testing technicians prepared a report of the test for your reference.

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