There is hardly any commercial construction project that does not require concrete scanning and core drilling. In the first place, it is not possible but some so-called contractors believe they have the magical skills and intellect to risk cutting a concrete structure for plumbing, electrical or cable installation works. Otherwise, most finishing contractors partner with a professional concrete scanning and concrete coring company to ensure the safe, sensible operation of finishing works.

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But hiring any concrete scanning does not guarantee the safeguard against hazards. You need to partner with a concrete scanning and core drilling company that will tell you what is inside the concrete structure and cut the concrete structure without damaging the key elements.

If you are looking for a concrete scanning and core drilling partner, here are five things you need to look for when choosing a concrete scanning and core drilling company:

1. Registered, Licensed and Insured

This may sound basic but partner only with a registered, licensed and insured company. Checking out these basic certifications assure many things about the company. A Certificate of Registration with the local governing body ensures your company is not a fraud. A valid license tells the company has a skilled team and the tools to perform scanning and drilling operations, and valid insurance gives the assurance that if an accident occurs on site, you are not held responsible.

2. Experience and Expertise

Once you have taken care of the above things, the next step to differentiating a good concrete scanning and coring service from a bad one begins. To do so, first check the experience of the concrete company. How long has the company been in existence? Who are the top management? What kind of industry experience do they hold? Look for a company that has been in business for the last few years and have a top leadership of professional engineers who have decades of experience in the construction industry.

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3. Potential to Handle Your Project

Not all concrete scanning and coring services cater for commercial projects because it takes huge resources to manage the project on a large scale. So, ask your concrete scanning and coring company whether or not they can handle your project. If yes, check out the past projects undertaken. It will give you some idea about the scalability of the company.

4. Client Retention Rate

This is very important. Do not rely on just the portfolio. Ask about their client retention rate. Ask them to share the name of a few returning clients or references to whom you can ask basic questions about the company. Good concrete scanning and coring companies have a sound returning client base.

5. Price Competitiveness

We kept it to last because at Concrete Insight, we are a leading concrete scanning and core drilling service provider across Virginia, DC and Maryland, providing value and the best quality over price, although we also value price competitiveness.


The best way to ensure price competitiveness is to receive quotes from multiple concrete scanning and core drilling companies and find out which offers the best value. Get your free quote for your concrete scanning and core drilling project by contacting our representatives.