Who doesn’t know about the best construction material, concrete? It is hard, durable, water resistant, and much more. Brick laying and concrete pouring are simple, but once the concrete is settled and hardened, it is difficult to cut. Making holes and opening in concrete requires a unique set of skills. However, professionals make it look easy and cut concrete safely, but it requires experience and attention. Therefore, concrete cutting should be best left to professionals. In this blog, let us know why we need to hand over concrete cutting projects to professionals, let us stay tuned to learn more about it.

When are coring services needed?

Coring services are needed to create the opening in the concrete for the following purposes:
• Plumbing
• HVAC systems
• Electrical conduits
• Routing cables
• AC ducts

Why do we need to hire services for Holes and Opening in Concrete?

holes and opening in concrete
Generally, during construction, workers need to cut holes through concrete to pass wires, pipes, and ducts. These cores are large in diameter and depth, so a professional is required to make precise holes. There are many reasons to hire professional coring services for your construction needs. Let us discuss them here:

They have the tools and coring equipment:

Concrete Coring and drilling are heavy tasks, and they require heavy equipment. The tools used to make holes and opening in concrete are expensive. You cannot rent the equipment because of the cost. Also, mishandling of devices can result in you paying the total cost. You need not buy the heavy and expensive concrete core drill unless you are planning to cut concrete all the time. Therefore, hiring professional services is the best option. An experienced core drilling company will have its own set of coring tools and equipment to manage all types of tasks coming up in your construction.


Concrete cutting can cause hazards if it is not cut correctly. The chances of facing a danger are more if you are not using the right tools. Generally, incapable tools can jump while cutting through concrete and cause injury. However, using upgraded tools can help keep your workers and structure safe.

Time saving:

If you are relying on traditional methods of concrete cutting like hammer, chisel, and sawing, your project is going to end at the speed of a snail. Modern techniques to make holes and opening in concrete are fast, effective, and time saving. However, you need a professional concrete contractor to make holes in the slabs and walls accurately and precisely.

Money saving:

If you try to get coring results from an untrained professional, it will lead to chaos. In those cases, damage caused can open unwanted repairs and increase the cost of your project. Thus, a professional concrete coring company gives you precise results and saves you additional renovation costs.

Less mess:

If you are looking to get precise and professional results, the best thing is to hire a professional. This way, your project will be more organized and less messy.

Why do you need to hire a scanning service along with coring?

Concrete Scanning is a service that is a must before making holes in slab and wall. Let us know what concrete scanning is and why it is needed.
Concrete Scanning
If you want to know what is beneath the concrete, you need to scan it with a GPR scanner. When starting a renovation project, it is essential to scan concrete before making any repairs. Scanning concrete before coring is a healthy construction practice. There are many hidden materials inside the concrete that might come in contact with a core drill and the professional performing coring. Let us see what items can come in the way of professionals making holes in slab and wall.
• Electrical conduits
• Reinforced steel
• Voids and air pockets
Concrete scanning services can spot electrical conduits, wires, or plumbing pipes and help coring workers do safe coring. In case the concrete is not scanned, the coring becomes hazardous. In case a coring professional meets electrical wires inside the concrete, it may cause a power outage, or the chance of meeting voids is even worse as it can cause concrete to blast, risking the safety of the worker and the structure.

Tips for finding the best concrete coring contractor:

It is often difficult to find a reliable coring contractor but not impossible. With the help of the internet, it is easy to find, compare and contact different coring companies and reach the best one. Here are some tips for finding the best company to make holes and openings in concrete. Recommendations from friends and family: When looking for the best concrete coring services, you must as your family and friends for any suggestions. They can suggest the best company that has done an excellent job .
Online reviews:
It is one of the trending methods to find out about anyone. Check online reviews and testimonials of satisfied customers. You can even as a follow up question from previous clients. Moreover, it is essential to note down the way a company responds to clients’ concerns and problems.
When it comes to coring and scanning services, experience matters the most. If a company has been involved in coring services for years, they might have encountered many difficulties and learned methods to resolve them.
The quality of equipment:
Concrete coring is a heavy task. It requires the workers to drill holes in slabs, walls, and floors. For such a heavy-duty job, you need to inquire about the standard of the equipment a company is using before finalizing them.
Safety standards:
It is important for a company to use the best equipment to make Holes and Opening in Concrete. If a contractor or a company hires qualified professionals and trains them with the best resources, they are keeping up with safety and standards.


This blog was all about the need for professional services to create Holes and Opening in Concrete and tips to find the best coring professional. It also described the relationship between concrete coring and scanning. In the end, if you are looking for a company that makes holes in slab and wall, Concrete Insight has years of experience in the same. To hire our services, contact us today!