Concrete scanning is an important part of any construction or renovation project involving concrete coring or drilling. Generally, people hire professionals who use non-destructive methods like GPR scanning to inspect the concrete structure. But, many people neglect the importance of concrete scanning services, which later results in costly mistakes. So, in this blog post, we’ll share essential information about concrete scanning, its effective methods, and its benefits to understand the importance of concrete scanning. Let’s get started.

concrete scanning   1. Understanding Concrete Scanning

Construction projects often require concrete cutting and drilling. So, it is important to know if there is something in the concrete structure that may cause safety hazards. Concrete scanning is a non-destructive method used to evaluate the integrity of the concrete structure and locate embedded utilities prior to concrete cutting and coring. It is a safe and non-invasive method that is crucial for the safety of personnel and the success of a project.

2. Concrete Scanning Method

Now, the question arises of how to perform concrete scanning and what’s the method. So, GPR scanning or Ground Penetrating Radar scanning is one of the best methods, and it is real-time and non-destructive. The method accurately inspects concrete structure, measures slab thickness, and locate rebars, PT cables, conduits, and voids. It can be used to detect metal, plastic, PVC, concrete, natural materials, and more.

3. Benefits of Concrete Scanning

Let’s find out how GPR concrete scanning can benefit a construction or renovation project.

• It Helps Locate Voids

Concrete scanning help locate the voids or air pockets between subgrade soil and the concrete slab. If you want to avoid the collapse, you must locate and repair these hidden voids because they are undetectable by simple visual inspection.

• Analyze the Concrete

The concrete scanning helps analyze the various content of the concrete structure. It also helps in measuring the thickness of concrete, determining rebar content, and working out the spacing and elevation of the slab.

• It Ensures Safety

Running electrical conduits within a concrete slab is a common practice and electricians place electrical components within the slab. Striking such underground hazards can be dangerous for the workers as well as the site during the core drilling or concrete cutting. You can avoid such severe problem with the help of concrete scanning.

• Helps Avoid Costly Mistakes

Identifying the pre-existing components with the help of concrete scanning can save your expenses. One should not hesitate investing on concrete scanning services because it helps avoid costly mistakes. If you strike an underground hazard, it will result in a delay in the project and extra expenses of repair or injury.

concrete scanning  

Why Choose Concrete Insight for GPR Concrete Scanning?

With so many benefits now, you must have understood the importance of concrete scanning. Also, remember if you want quick and accurate results, you must hire professionals like Concrete Insight. We use GSSI Structure Scan Pro SIR400 to identify the type and exact location of the utility present in a concrete structure. So, hire our experienced technicians for concrete scanning and coring in MD, VA, and DC. Get in touch with us for more information!