In our lifetime we all come across few old, beautiful, but damaged building that needs enhancement. But, do you know structural engineers need to know the compressive strength of the concrete before planning any changes in such buildings? Now, the problem is that the information and documentation of such old buildings are no longer available. Not only for the older buildings, but structural engineers ask for the compressive strength of any building before repairing or designing any changes. So, is it possible to check the compressive strength of any concrete structure without damaging it? Windsor probe system for concrete testing is one such non-destructive testing method. It is a penetration resistance test based on the surface hardness of the concrete. In this column, we will share more information about Windsor probe testing. So, please scroll down to know more about it. 

Understanding Windsor Probe Testing 

  • It is an acceptable method of estimating the concrete strength. But, one should remember that the results of the Windsor probe test must be correlated with compressive strength values from concrete cores. Regression analysis is also used to determine the relationship between penetration resistance and compressive strength.
  • Windsor probe testing is a ‘surface test.’ Sometimes this test also results in inaccurately high test values. This is because of harmful effects like carbonation. Apart from it, few other factors like concrete type, size, distribution or coarse aggregate also affect the test results.
  • Now, the question arises why do we need to know the compressive strength of concrete structure? The first reason is that it is a requirement of structural engineers. They want it before starting renovation or enhancement of any building. Along with that, some of the other applications of the Windsor probe testing include – structural analysis, lightweight concrete strength, concrete strength determination, and many more.
  • Apart from the Windsor probe testing, some other equipment is also required for the testing. Such as loaded cartridges, hardened alloy steel probes, and powder-actuated guns.
  • With the new electronic system, the process of Windsor probe testing has become easier. It has enhanced the accuracy and efficiency of the probe testing providing quick and accurate results. It is an economical, convenient, and quick procedure for testing the compressive strength of concrete.
  • At last, let’s quickly know the requirements of the Windsor probe test. The concrete should reach a satisfactory degree of resistance to penetration. The placement of the probe should be done carefully. Also, the surface should be smooth.

The Bottom Line 

So, Windsor probe testing is popular because it measures the accurate and effective compressive strength of concrete. A probe is driven into the concrete with a known amount of force, and it does not cause any damage to the concrete structure. Also, this system is easy to operate. If you want to measure the compressive strength of concrete with Windsor probe, you can rely on Concrete Insight. Our professional and experienced engineers ensure to provide quality services.